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First Event Is Live 24th August 7pm EST

On The Live Call I Will Give You The Three Things That Make A Successful Affiliate Campaign

How to make your campaigns work better than 99% of other affiliates out there. Why customers buy from me over and over again earning me some of the highest earnings per click in the industry.

How to build a buyers list from affiliate promotions, let me show you how to turn every affiliate promotion into a way to build your buyers list so you can promote to those same buyers over and over again.

How to turn any affiliate promotion into a high paying funnel that you can use over and over again. How to promote multiple offers on the same affiliate campaign without sending more than one email.



Here are just some of the benefits...

You get all my affiliate training brand new and never seen before for 2021. Training covers right from newbie to the advanced marketer and is added weekly so you can grow with the latest techniques and methods that I use in my business everyday.

Access to over my shoulder case studies. Watch as I create affiliate campaigns right from the start, how I craft the emails, how I craft the bonuses and the follow ups. You also get access to the full templates I use and bonuses to use yourself. 

Access to over my shoulder traffic campaigns. I will case study how to pay for traffic and generate the leads so you do not need to waste any money. I will give you all the details and give you the campaigns I use so you can use them yourself.

Access to a full library of bonus products that you can use yourself. All graphics are created for you so you can create unique bonus campaigns. The library is updated each week with new products for you to use. Software, video courses, ebooks and more.

Access to all my bonus products you get complete access as these are added each month. You will get access to the past two year catalogue and every campaign I build going forward. My bonus products are better than some of the products I promote. There are 100's and worth $1000's.

You will have your own page builder so the templates that I give you you can instantly edit them if you wish. You can download my templates and deploy the campaigns within minutes. Ill show you how easy that is to do.

Ready to go affiliate campaigns that you can just plugin to your affiliate hub and start promoting these are complete with pages, bonuses and even capture pages if you want to use. These are campaigns that have worked for me so they are tried and tested.

Your domain is hosted on our super fast server, we set up everything for you including wordpress. You get full access to your hosting panel so you can set everything you need on your hosting. This is worth $29 per month.

These Are Just A Small Sample Of What You Will Recieve...

Six Steps For Making SuccesFul Affiliate Marketing

1. Define your niche

Once you have a way to communicate with your target audience, you need to define the affiliate marketing niche that's the best fit for you. When selecting a niche, it's best to choose something that is in line with your existing businesses products or services, or something you are passionate about. Some examples include health and wellness, technology, or digital marketing.

2. Identify companies with affiliate programs in your niche

Once you have defined your niche, it's time to identify companies within that niche that have an affiliate program. Make a list of all companies in your niche, and then narrow that list down to the ones that would complement your business or your affiliate marketing strategy the best. 

3. Create a target affiliate marketing program list

After you have a list of the best affiliate programs for you, narrow it down even further. Choose 3 to 4 programs to start with on your affiliate program journey. After you've established yourself within those initial programs, you can add more affiliate offerings to increase your earning potential.

4. Create content that drives traffic

Now that you have the top affiliate programs you want to market, you need to create content that will get your target audience to learn about the product and, most importantly, click on your affiliate link! Content could include blog posts, social media posts, vlogs, or training videos. 

5. Leverage email marketing

One of the best ways to get clicks on your affiliate marketing links is to leverage email marketing. Use your website or blog as a mechanism to collect email addresses by offering giveaways or valuable content that requires registration. Then, use email marketing to bring awareness to your affiliate products and increase clicks on your links. 

6. Evaluate your progress

Finally, evaluate your progress and join new affiliate programs that fit within your niche. Affiliate marketing programs will provide basic data like the number of unique clicks on your link, make sure you use this information to get an understanding of how successful your affiliate marketing efforts are, and adjust your strategy as needed. When you're ready, join new affiliate programs to increase your income potential.

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