How You Can Copy My VIP Training To Start Building Your Affiliate Business

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First Event Is Live 24th August 7pm EST


On The Live Call I Will Give You The Three Things That Make A Successful Affiliate Campaign

How to make your campaigns work better than 99% of other affiliates out there. Why customers buy from me over and over again earning me some of the highest earnings per click in the industry.

How to build a buyers list from affiliate promotions, let me show you how to turn every affiliate promotion into a way to build your buyers list so you can promote to those same buyers over and over again.

How to turn any affiliate promotion into a high paying funnel that you can use over and over again. How to promote multiple offers on the same affiliate campaign without sending more than one email.




Here are just some of the benefits...

Each week I will have a live training session, you will be able to ask me questions and I will show you what is working right now in affiliate marketing. The latest news, techniques and best converting products to promote.

You get your affiliate hub set up and ready to go. This will include hosting, domain set up, cpanel, all plugins I use. Plus it also includes a high quality logo done by my in house team designed for you saving $99

You get all my affiliate training brand new and never seen before for 2021. Training covers right from newbie to the advanced marketer and is added weekly so you can grow with the latest techniques and methods that I use in my business everyday.

Access to over my shoulder case studies. Watch as I create affiliate campaigns right from the start, how I craft the emails, how I craft the bonuses and the follow ups. You also get access to the full templates I use and bonuses to use yourself. 

Access to over my shoulder traffic campaigns. I will case study how to pay for traffic and generate the leads so you do not need to waste any money. I will give you all the details and give you the campaigns I use so you can use them yourself.

Access to a full library of bonus products that you can use yourself. All graphics are created for you so you can create unique bonus campaigns. The library is updated each week with new products for you to use. Software, video courses, ebooks and more.

Access to all my bonus products you get complete access as these are added each month. You will get access to the past two year catalogue and every campaign I build going forward. My bonus products are better than some of the products I promote. There are 100's and worth $1000's.

You will have your own page builder so the templates that I give you you can instantly edit them if you wish. You can download my templates and deploy the campaigns within minutes. Ill show you how easy that is to do.

Ready to go affiliate campaigns that you can just plugin to your affiliate hub and start promoting these are complete with pages, bonuses and even capture pages if you want to use. These are campaigns that have worked for me so they are tried and tested.

Your domain is hosted on our super fast server, we set up everything for you including wordpress. You get full access to your hosting panel so you can set everything you need on your hosting. This is worth $29 per month.

These Are Just A Small Sample Of What You Will Recieve...

Way Affiliate Marketing Is A Good Way To Make Money Online

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, you should consider affiliate marketing. There are numerous benefits to becoming an affiliate. These include:

  • There’s no production cost—If you wanted to set up a business selling products online you’d have to buy, ship, and store the products. It can be costly. If you have an affiliate program, production cost isn’t an issue. The merchant has already paid for the development of the product.

  • The set-up cost is low—You probably already have a desk, an internet connection, and a computer. That’s all you need to get started.

  • There are no fees or licenses to pay—Affiliate programs are usually free to join. Your geographic market reach is as big as your ability to promote your site. The internet is a worldwide marketplace. You can take advantage of this market.

  • You can sell almost anything—There are a few blog sites that probably wouldn’t be able to find a product to promote that is related to their niche, but they are limited. Almost everything you can think ofis sold online. There are thousands of affiliate programs, so it is easy to find products related to your current site or the site you are planning to set up.

  • You don’t have to handle any sales to make money from them—You have no inventory, no order processing, and no shipping to deal with. You making money from sales by promoting the products, not having take care of the actual sales process.

  • You can work from home—If you’ve ever had a long commute to work, you can really appreciate the ability to work from home. It’s also a great way to get to spend more time with your family. You won’t have the normal work expenses like gas, buying lunch, wardrobe, etc. You can work from home in the comfort of your pajamas if you want.

  • If you have your computer with you, you can work from anywhere in the world—Have you ever wanted to travel, but taking off from work isn’t an option? If so, affiliate marketing is perfect. You take your office with you. You wouldn’t have to spend more than a few hours a day working, and you could visit anywhere you wanted and still be able to work.

  • There is a minimal level of risk—If you try to sell a product and it isn’t making you any money, you just stop selling it and try something else. All you have to do is take down your links and promote another product. It’s that simple. You don’t have to worry about being stuck in a long-term contract that binds you to promote a product that doesn’t sell.

  • There is potential for high income—With your own affiliate business online, your potential for income is only limited by your efforts.

Finally, Discover How You Can Start an Affiliate System On Your WordPress Site That’ll Attract Super Affiliates... Starting Today! If you're worried because you're not technical savvy, then don't be. Look over my shoulder as I show you how to set up an affiliate program that converts.

- Do you have a product or service that is being sold on your WordPress site?
- Do you want others to sell your product for you?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways for anyone to earn money online. This is a quick and passive method to earn cash that is highly scalable, and that is easy to set up. No technical skill is required, and if you choose the right products and connect with the right market, you can stand to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a short space of time.

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