How You Can Copy My VIP Training To Start Building Your Affiliate Business

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First Event Is Live 24th August 7pm EST

As part of this offer we build your affiliate hub for you. You will get...

Your domain set up and hosted by us on our super fast servers. These are used in my own online business and you will recieve access to cpanel.

On your domain we will install wordpress with all the plugins I use in my affiliate business ready to go.

We will build your first page and add in all legal pages that you will need. Like privacy, terms and conditions and disclaimers.

Our design team will create you a super high quality logo for your new affiliate hub and get that set on your main hub page.

I will hand over your set up hub ready to go. You will then be able to go into our template depositry and install any of the templates we use in just minutes. And edit them if you wish and deploy!

My Team Will Create Your First Page For You And Hand Over Your Ready Made Affiliate Hub

On The Live Call I Will Give You The Three Things That Make A Successful Affiliate Campaign

How to make your campaigns work better than 99% of other affiliates out there. Why customers buy from me over and over again earning me some of the highest earnings per click in the industry.

How to build a buyers list from affiliate promotions, let me show you how to turn every affiliate promotion into a way to build your buyers list so you can promote to those same buyers over and over again.

How to turn any affiliate promotion into a high paying funnel that you can use over and over again. How to promote multiple offers on the same affiliate campaign without sending more than one email.



Here are just some of the benefits...

You get your affiliate hub set up and ready to go. This will include hosting, domain set up, cpanel, all plugins I use. Plus it also includes a high quality logo done by my in house team designed for you saving $99

You get all my affiliate training brand new and never seen before for 2021. Training covers right from newbie to the advanced marketer and is added weekly so you can grow with the latest techniques and methods that I use in my business everyday.

Access to over my shoulder case studies. Watch as I create affiliate campaigns right from the start, how I craft the emails, how I craft the bonuses and the follow ups. You also get access to the full templates I use and bonuses to use yourself. 

Access to over my shoulder traffic campaigns. I will case study how to pay for traffic and generate the leads so you do not need to waste any money. I will give you all the details and give you the campaigns I use so you can use them yourself.

Access to a full library of bonus products that you can use yourself. All graphics are created for you so you can create unique bonus campaigns. The library is updated each week with new products for you to use. Software, video courses, ebooks and more.

Access to all my bonus products you get complete access as these are added each month. You will get access to the past two year catalogue and every campaign I build going forward. My bonus products are better than some of the products I promote. There are 100's and worth $1000's.

You will have your own page builder so the templates that I give you you can instantly edit them if you wish. You can download my templates and deploy the campaigns within minutes. Ill show you how easy that is to do.

Ready to go affiliate campaigns that you can just plugin to your affiliate hub and start promoting these are complete with pages, bonuses and even capture pages if you want to use. These are campaigns that have worked for me so they are tried and tested.

Your domain is hosted on our super fast server, we set up everything for you including wordpress. You get full access to your hosting panel so you can set everything you need on your hosting. This is worth $29 per month.

These Are Just A Small Sample Of What You Will Recieve...

Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer is in many ways the perfect business model. Here’s a way to earn

money online, while you sleep, without even having to build a product!

This is the method that is most commonly promoted by internet marketing gurus, and that has

reportedly helped them to live the lifestyles of their dreams, to buy their own private jets, and to

generally enjoy the kind of lifestyle that was once the sole reserve of famous celebrities and

extremely successful CEOs.

You may be wondering if this is all too good to be true. Can you really earn that much money while

you sleep? By selling someone else’s product?

If that’s true, then why aren’t more people online billionaires?

Here’s the truth: it absolutely is possible to earn a huge amount of money online as an affiliate

marketer. Plenty of people genuinely have made a huge amount of money by selling affiliate

products online.

The problem? The methods that they share very often don’t reflect the best strategies that you

should employ. Why? This often comes down to one of two things:

1. They don’t want you to know the techniques they are actually using to get rich (newsflash:

it’s selling those courses to you!)

2. They actually aren’t that successful. That’s because a large proportion of the people who are

successful are already living on a sunny island somewhere and no longer need to sell their courses!

The other thing to keep in mind, is that this is by no means a “sure thing.” There are no sure things

when it comes to business, and there’s never a guarantee that any strategy you use will be effective.

But with all of that said, the intention of my offer is to cut through the noise. To do away with the

distracting nonsense and to instead focus on just what actually works. In other words: this offer will

explain to you how you actually sell a product successfully. 

That’s not a bad thing by the way: the very fact that you have been a customer means that you will

have a great idea of what it is that appeals to someone when buying a product. You can get inside

the minds of your customers.

What you’re really going to learn then is a set of tools and strategies: a number of different methods

and concepts that you can apply when selling anything, that will help you to be highly successful.

You’ll still need to choose the right products and you will still need some luck. But you’ll also find

that by applying these ideas, you’ll be able to increase your likelihood of selling anything.

In fact, you can consider the skills you will learn in this book to be what is known in business as a

“force multiplier.” A force multiplier is anything that amplifies or exaggerates the success or the

output that you might otherwise have achieved.

When it comes to going into business online, one of the easiest and most lucrative methods is through Affiliate Marketing. This is because becoming an affiliate marketer requires no experience, no website, and simple promotional techniques that will convert prospective buyers into customers.

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